Marathon Training Series - Introduction & meet the runners

Marathon Training Series - Introduction & meet the runners

The marathon is the ultimate road-runners race – it’s 26.2 miles of unrelenting battle, both physically and mentally. But that’s what our team are all about, taking on challenges and relishing in the runners high when we achieve them, and we know you’re right there with us on that one.

So, as autumn marathon season is approaching, we’re going to be following the journey of four runners taking on the bucket list challenge of a marathon. The runderwear Marathon Training Series (MTS) will focus on a different aspect of training each week; from training plans, to nutrition, to running in the summer heat, so if you’re running a marathon this year we’ll have all the insider knowledge you need in one place.

Let's meet the runners we’ll be focusing on throughout the series…


One of runderwear’s own, our Graphic Designer Kev, is taking on the London Marathon in October this year. It will be Kev’s 13th marathon and 3rd at London, but there’s one crucial difference about this one – Kev’s gunning for a 2hr 45 finish! I know, for many of us even saying that out loud feels crazy, but to Kev this is a very real goal that’s well within his grasp, so we’ll be following and supporting his journey to PB – you’ve got this Kev!



For our ambassador, Immie, London is set to be her first ever marathon! Although we wouldn’t quite put Immie in ‘beginner’ territory, as a PT and Coach by day Immie’s no stranger to pushing her body to the limits. Not forgetting that Immie’s also qualified for championship entry into the London Marathon, so she’s set to start her marathon journey with a bang!



This year’s been a hell of a ride for our Co-Founder, Jamie – a nasty knee injury meant 2022 started with surgery and not a lot of running. Never one to take the easy route, Jamie’s comeback is kicking off with a bang – he’s taking on the Berlin Marathon in September this year. As if that’s not enough, Jamie’s got his sights set on a sub 3-hour finish, and we’re backing him all the way!



Linda is taking on her first ever marathon race at London this year, and what a place to experience the buzz of the marathon! Linda’s no stranger to what running can do for a community, which is why she’s running the marathon to fundraise for two incredible organisations; Fawcett Society and Black Girls Do Run UK. Not only is she smashing physical goals, but while raising money for charities that uplift others – we’re all for it!


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