A collage of people running
Everything we do is

built on passion

When I started runderwear there was no master plan. I was just one person incredibly passionate about running who were frustrated that no one had made underwear designed for the running community.

A collage of three images: one of two men stnding facing the camera side by side, one of a man in only pants facing away from the camera with his hands in the air, and the thir is of a man and woman facing away from the camerawith the words runderwear printed on their runderwear
Our mission is

to liberate runners

Jamie suffered bad chafing during the New York Marathon. We’ve all been there.

This moment
changed my life.

As I set out on a mission to solve this problem for our collective family of run – to liberate all runners to focus on what they love to do… run free.

perseverance was key

like a runner, I never gave up

A three image collage: the inside of a factory, a design drawing of some running clothes and an image of people around a computer with fabrics on the desk

It was hard, but easy isn’t for me. I had no money and travelled on a shoestring budget to understand how to make the best seamless products with the finest materials.

Like a runner, I never gave up - challenges make us who I am. Once I was absolutely confident that our products would deliver total comfort, I started turning up to races in my small, old car. I’d set up to show our products to fellow runners and tell them my mission.

Because with support comes confidence, with seamless comes joy and with trust comes freedom.

A two picture collage, the top image is of 5 people posing with their hands up for the camera, the second is of two men posing at the running awards


We now have a small team of brilliant people that have joined our collective goal to help runners smash the barriers of comfort. Based in Dorset in the UK, we are a David vs Goliath in the running industry - but we at runderwear believe that by remaining authentic and staying focused on doing one thing better than anybody else that we can continue to help runners all around the world discover their hidden advantage.

We’re your first layer and your second skin.

- and we’re responsible for thousands of runners running chafe-free and in ultimate comfort.

A single image of 5 people in runderwear branded t-shirts running along a path next to a body of water

Thank you for running with us

Jamie Smalley, Founder runderwear