Q. What is the difference between the Easy-On and Original Runderwear Running Bras?

A. Both are specifically designed with running in mind, so they’re equally supportive! The Original is a compression style bra, as the name suggests it holds the breasts in place by compressing them slightly to the chest. The Original is particularly designed for women with smaller breasts, so it’s perfect if you’re an A-D cup. In contrast, the Easy-On Running Bra is available in cup sizes C-H and is specifically designed for women with larger breasts. This is an encapsulation bra, meaning the breasts sit in separate cups as they would an everyday bra. The Easy-On has a fully opening back, with two clasps, again emulating that of an everyday bra.

Q. Why is it so important to wear a running-specific bra for running?

A. Running is a high-impact activity, meaning there is greater degree of breast movement in comparison to other sports. If not properly supported, this movement can cause irreversible damage to the ligaments found in women’s breasts (coopers ligaments). This is why running bras are crucial, as they are specifically designed to reduce this movement by up to 83%.

Q. The Runderwear calculator is suggesting a size totally different to my normal bra size, why is this?

A. The Runderwear calculator is specifically designed to align with the sizing of our bras, so although it may be different to what you expect we do find it’s an accurate starting point for finding the perfect fit. All brands are different, meaning their bras are often manufactured differently too. We know this can be confusing but sometimes it’s best to forget about the numbers and letters altogether, after all it’s the fit that counts.

Q. What hook should I wear my bra on?

A. When you first purchase your Runderwear Bra we recommend wearing it on the loosest hook, where the band should fit snuggly without digging in. Over time you may find you need to begin wearing the bra on the middle hook, this is fine – it’s just a sign that you really love the bra and are wearing it often, as naturally bras stretch over time. If you’ve had your bra for a long time and find you need to use the loosest hook, this is a sign that the elastic has worn down from frequent wear and washing and the band may not be giving you the support you need. At this stage we recommend repurposing the bra for lower impact exercise, such as yoga or stretching, but upgrading to a new bra for your running, where higher support is required.

Q. Can I run in the Runderwear Crop Top?

A. The Runderwear Crop Top is perfect for lower impact activity, such as strength and conditioning or yoga, but we do not recommend running in the crop top.

Q. What are sister sizes?

A. Sister sizes are alternative sizes to your current bra size which hold the same cup volume. That sounds confusing, so we’ll break it down a bit… essentially, if you go up in the band then you’ll need to go down in the cup in order to maintain the same cup volume. Equally, if you go down in the band you’ll need to go up in the cup to maintain the same volume. For example, if your usual size is a 36C then the sister sizes would be 34D and 38B.

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