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performance underwear
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Sara said: Terrifically comfortable

I've now worn these on numerous long runs, in heavy rain (i.e. prime chafing conditions) and they have been great. No chafing, no discomfort, no problems. Runderwear, if you could think about branching out into socks (still haven't found the magic pair), that would be much appreciated!

David Duthie said: Runderwear wonder wear!

I love them. No more chaffs. London Marathon here I come!

DANIEL ROWE-LEETE said: The ultimate runners boxer

I purchased these boxers after recovering from an injury. The support these give is amazing. I will be buying more for sure and will never run without them. Never run commando.

Neil said: The Ronseal of pants

All the claims are true. These were the most comfortable pants to wear. I wear whilst playing football and found no nasty chaffing which I'd encountered wearing ordinary boxer shorts.

Mr Peter Townley said: Not just for runners !!

I'm a cyclist and wear these under my cycling kit and they are fantastic.I love them for just the same reasons runners love them - no chafing, cooler and very,very comfortable.
Don't be fooled by the sizes, the medium boxers looked very small on delivery but fit perfectly.