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10 Top Tips For Running in the Summer

10 Top Tips For Running in the Summer
Posted on
Advice for running in the heat... The summer months are upon us - here are a few tips to help you run in comfort as the temperature warms up.

What is Chafing?

What is Chafing?
Posted on
What is chafing? Chafing is a friction-induced skin injury where the outer layer of skin (epidermis) is rubbed creating microscopic tears, exposing the skin layer below (dermis), which becomes red,...

Runderwear Out & About This Spring/Summer

Runderwear Out & About This Spring/Summer
Posted on
Runderwear will be out and about at various marathons and running events this summer. We look forward to meeting you there!

20 Top Tips for a Great Marathon

20 Top Tips for a Great Marathon
Posted on
Our top 20 tips for running a great marathon, including advice on training, nutrition, pacing and race day.

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2286 reviews
Tracy Symes said: Comfortable Underwear

Very comfortable, I never run in any other underwear now.

T W said: Great purchase

Amazingly comfortable and breathable. Looking forward to putting them through their paces.

Jane Marshall said: Perfect

So comfortable that you forget you’re wearing them. Nice fit, really good quality fabric, love them

Jordan said: #1 Undies!

I bought these in white after reading lots of good reviews. The reviews were right! These are amazing! I wore them hiking and I didn’t have any problems, no chafing, pinching, or any discomfort. I forgot I had them on! They are nice and supportive and keep everything in place while staying cool and not being too tight. A little pricey (mostly shipping to US) but I will probably buy more sometime!

Verka Lafeuille said: Impressively good.

Tested on a 38 mile ultra and I had no chafing for the first time in my life