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Runderwear Founders 2019 Goals

Runderwear Founders 2019 Goals


Firstly we would like to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  It is at this time that Jamie and I come up for air (the challenge of having a small business) and look back on the year.  2018 has seen lots of changes here at Runderwear HQ with new friendly faces here with us and lots of exciting new products launched and getting ready for launch in 2019.  We want to thank every single one of you Runderwearers for supporting us this year and hope we can  continue to have your support in the New Year.   


We will set goals to keep making the best performance underwear in the world as well as expand our range of underwear, socks and support bras over the year ahead.  However we will not only set goals for Runderwear but, just like you will be, we will be setting goals for our own running.  Runderwear was built out of mine and Jamies passion for running and that passion burns brightly as ever.


In 2018 my aim was to get back into my running, consistently, whilst juggling working hard on Runderwear and having a young family.  It isn't always easy! At the start of the year I set 2 goals.

1.  Run under 1hr 30mins at the Bournemouth Half Marathon

2.  Run a sub 18mins 5km

The year before at the Bournemouth Half Marathon I had run 1hr 31mins so I was hoping to improve. I was delighted to run 1hr 27mins 08secs so a big improvement on the previous year.  Goal 1 ticked!

The second goal was proving trickier!  At the start of the year I was running between 19.00 and 19.30 so I had a lot to improve on.  I started to add in a interval session each week to try and get my legs moving a bit quicker! I went sub 19 in March and gradually started to chip away at it running 18.43, 18.30 and then 18.22.  Finally at the start of December I managed to run 17.54 - got it! Left it quite late but managed to get there in the end.  

Goals for 2019

I have decided to give myself a BIG challenge in 2019 and focus on Triathlon.  I have always been intrigued by Triathlon but, quite honestly, avoided it because I am a terrible swimmer.  In fact I'm actually quite scared of swimming especially in Open Water.  Like anything though I have told myself I AM NOT a terrible swimmer I just haven't practised enough yet!!  So over the last 4 months I have started to swim twice a week before work and my confidence has already grown.  Im still not particularly quick but I am getting better and I will continue to be consistent with my effort.  I am aiming primarily at Sprint Triathlons this year to try and get as quick as I can.  I am entered into 3 triathlons so far, Blenheim Triathlon, a local race called the Salty Dog and then Nottingham.  I have a goal of a sub 1hr 15min Sprint Triathlon (but this will vary by what type of course it is).  

As I have managed to get some momentum with the Park Run and 5km (and it helps the triathlon) I am also setting a goal of a sub 17mins 5km.  This is definitely a stretch target but something I am going to really try to do.

Good luck with all of your goals and please keep me updated on your progress.  Have a healthy, happy and runderful 2019!


1.  Sub 1hr 15min Sprint Triathlon

2.  Sub 17min 5km

3.  Sub 1hr 25min Half Marathon



In 2018 I definitely ran some miles! I ran the Big Half in London (1hr 21mins), the Hannover Marathon (2hr 57mins), Cape Town Marathon (2hr 56mins) and one marathon too far; Chicage Marathon (3hr 23mins).  Chicago was 2 weeks after Cape Town and my legs told me that!  It has been an amazing year travelling to different races around the world and meeting runners everywhere.  It doesn't matter where you visit, us runners are all the same! I am very excited to get back into training for the New Year and the races I have planned in 2019...

Goals for 2019

I have set a big goal for 2019 of running the famous Comrades Marathon in South Africa.  This iconic race is an 87km (54 miles) Ultra Run with 25000 people entering.  Last year the incredible local runner down here in Dorset (where Runderwear is based) Steve Way ran an unbelievable time of 5hr 35mins to finish in 3rd place.  I will be some way behind that (aiming at Sub 8hr) but I am focussed on finishing as strong as I can.

From one iconic race to another I will also be running the Boston Marathon in the build up to Comrades.  I will be aiming for a sub 3hr finish there.  I went to watch the race in the rain last year and I was so inspired I had to try and qualify to run this coming year, I can't wait!  I am running a local race to us, The Weymouth Half Marathon in the build up to this so hoping for a strong run there.

After some rest following Comrades I then have the New York Marathon in November to get me focussed to finish the year.  I will aim to run Sub 3hr there and I will be on our expo stand telling as many runners as possible about Runderwear! 

Good luck with your goals for 2019, whether you are running fast, slow, short or long it doesn't matter, set your own personal goal and get after it!


1.  Comrades Marathon Sub 8hr

2.  Boston Marathon Sub 3hr

3.  NYC Marathon Sub 3hr

Good luck with your goals for 2019, we are with you every step of the way!

Rich and Jamie

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