An inspiring journey of an old friend

An inspiring journey of an old friend

Running has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember, a long time before co-founding Runderwear.  From entering Primary School Cross-Country races to joining my first club at age 13 (Charnwood AC) running has been a passion.  I feel incredibly lucky that with Runderwear I get to work in the running community everyday and that my life long passion continues to grow.

For some people they find running much later in life than I did and they get the bug.  They get the bug hard! I love hearing about the stories of how much of an impact running has had on peoples lives and seeing the passion grow in them.

When I was at school we had quite a good Cross-Country team. Three of us trained at a club and we always needed to get someone else in for the relay team.  Although his first passion was football a friend of mine called Anthony Woodward always got involved and I always thought how good he was without specifically training for it.  

Several years later I was delighted to find out that Anthony had got the running bug in his 20's after stopping playing football and having a family.  And he was good.  Very good! That early talent was being put to good use and he lost weight, got healthier and then got very fast.

Anthony is dedicated, determined and driven to achieve his goals and I am really excited to see what he can run at the London Marathon this year and other races in 2019.  He is a #Runderwearer now and we are pleased to say we will be following his progress and sharing his goal chasing on this blog.

I caught up with Anthony to tell me how his 2018 goals went and what he has targeted for 2019:

"At the start of 2018 I set myself several goals for the year.  It was a mixed bag of results however I was really pleased to be part of a great team which picked up some Gold medals over the year"

2019 Targets

5km - Under 15.30 - already achieved! Really pleased to say I ran 15.24 at the Nottingham 5k Winter Series on 3rd January.  Time to change those goals!

5miles - still outstanding from 2018 I would love to run under 26minutes.  

Half-Marathon - After narrowly missing out on sub 69 minutes in 2018 I would like to aim for that.  I will be returning to the Big Half in London in the build up to London Marathon.

Marathon - The key focus in 2019.  My target for London Marathon is sub 2hrs 30mins and then see how far under I can go! Marathon training is in full swing so watch this space.


Anthony is a big inspiration for me, I love that he has found the running bug later on and got such incredible results.  I think he is a great example of 'it is never too late' you've just got to get out there and dream big!

Run well,

Richard Edmonds Co-Founder // Runderwear



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