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How to Stop Chafing When Running

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How to stop chafing whilst running? 

Wondering how to stop chafing when running? Chafing is something you want to sort out before you run, rather than during... Anyone who has stepped into a post-run shower with chafed bits will attest to the scorching pain that follows. 

But fear not, there are many ways to prevent chafing if you're prepared - here are our top 5 ways to stop chafing when running.


How To Stop Chafing When Running - 5 Tips

1. Add a protective layer between your skin and the area that suffers from chafing.

Use chafe-free running underwear. The Men's or Women's Brief and Women's Hipster fits ergonomically leaving no loose material to fold and rub. The Men's Boxer and Women's Hot Pant does the same but also covers the upper/inner thigh. The Men's Long Boxer and Women's Long Short covers the skin from hip, almost to the knee. 

2. Look ahead to the weather forecast.

You're far more likely to chafe whilst running in the rain, as the water makes your outer clothing cling to your skin, increasing the potential for friction induced chafing. A similar effect comes from the sweat produced when running in hot weather, when moisture-wicking underwear becomes essential.

3. Protect your nipples.

In certain conditions and/or body shapes, chafed nipples can cause agony and in a white top, make you cross the finish line a blood soaked mess. A comfortable base layer will help minimise this or else you can get specific plasters for nipple coverage.

4. Complement with vaseline.

Some people choose to complement their chafe-free running underwear with vaseline type products that minimise the friction between skin and clothing.

5. Choose chafe-free bra straps.

For ladies who find they chafe around or under your bra straps, choose a bra with wide, padded straps and with the strap adjusters away from the pressure points of the shoulders. Get a chafe-free bra...

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