How to stop chafing when running

How to stop chafing when running
How to stop chafing when running

How To Stop Chafing When Running

Chafing when running is one of the most painful and irritating things to experience during or after exercise. Runderwear was founded with one simple mission in mind - to prevent chafing for runners. Since then, we’ve gained some valuable insight into what causes chafing when you run and of course how to prevent chafing when running.

The most important thing is to be prepared before your run – and here are our top 5 tips to help keep you chafe-free and comfortable:

Add a protective layer

Lots of athletes still don’t know the benefits of anti-chafing underwear for running. Lots of running shorts can feature an inner liner that isn’t always designed to be gentle on your skin. Runderwear running underwear has been engineered to work in harmony with your body and provide protection for its most sensitive parts.

Dress for the conditions

Certain weather conditions are known to increase the risk of chafing – namely rain and high temperatures. Moisture generated from rainfall and sweat in warmer conditions can cause irritation. Our products are all made using moisture-wicking, technical fabric which removes dampness from your skin. The fabric is highly breathable, too – to prevent overheating and reduce the risk of chafe.

Look after your skin

Although moisture causes chafe in general, it’s sometimes surprising that chafing affects areas of dry, sensitive skin the most. For longer or harder runs in warmer temperatures, it’s worth considering using a moisturiser or other lotion that will reduce the rubbing effect and reduce friction between your skin and clothing.

Choose ergonomic fit

Wearing well fitted clothing during exercise is essential. Seamless clothing with no side seams or labels significantly reduces the risk of rubbing on your skin during a run. Runderwear is made for runners, by runners and the technical fabric offers 4-way stretch during motion allowing full body movement.

Consider your whole body

Each point of contact between skin and clothing across your entire body is at risk of chafing. It’s important to consider clothing that’s lightweight and soft to minimise the effect that they have on each other. Although known for our award-winning running underwear, our running bras, base layers and other clothing has all been designed to be kind to your skin and offer the ultimate experience in running comfort.

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