6 Tips and Tricks for Winter Running

6 Tips and Tricks for Winter Running

As we enter the festive period and think about running in the New Year, it's important to maintain our progression and stay disciplined during these tricky colder months. Whether you're recovering from a year of running, transitioning into training mode for the New Year or you are a recreational runner, stay fresh throughout winter with our carefully compiled tips and tricks for you to power through the winter running blues.

1. Warming-Up is Crucial

Something that many runners neglect (sometimes, me too) is doing an honest and thorough warm-up. Warming-up is so important to avoid injury and to get your blood flowing through your muscles and joints. Not only is this preventative for muscle-related injuries, but it increases your body temperature and makes running in the cold all that much easier.

2. Running Trail Routes

Although we've grown out of our autumn routines and swapped t-shirts for woolly jumpers, winter is a wonderful time to experience and explore trail runs and to uncover lost routes through the park. Parkrun is a great way to committing to a run at least once a week plus there are plenty of trail running events to enter! Running events are a good source of motivation to keep yourself disciplined throughout the winter - find an event close to you here!

3. Wrap Up Warm

With Jack Frost looming, don't let him discourage you from getting out there and running. It's important to bundle up to prevent illness and we're proud to offer our new and improved Base Layers - designed to absorb moisture using its excellent wicking properties, ensuring your temperature is regulated and optimised. Our most premium Merino performance underwear also offers temperature-control properties, great for winter running.

4. Exploit the Quieter Seasons

As the dust settles from an always turbulent summer and autumn of running, winter is the perfect opportunity to further your running training and make the most of your quieter calendar. Your favourite routes are usually less crowded and offer fewer distractions, so get your head down and focus on improving your running!

5. Training for Race and Marathon Season

Prepare yourself as best you can for race and marathon season by reaching a great base level of fitness or excelling your training to reach peak fitness before your running events. Use this time before the New Year to establish strong foundations and set yourself up for success.

6. Finish Strong and Hot!

Your body temperature drops rapidly after a run, especially when running in the cold. To avoid being caught in the cold for a prolonged time, plan your runs to finish exactly at home or at your final destination. This makes recovery easier for your body and no-one likes to be shivering in the cold.

Now there's no excuse to get out running this winter with Runderwear's 6 top tips and tricks for seasonal running!

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