7 Marathons in 7 Days

7 Marathons in 7 Days

Runderwear is a great supporter of mental health initiatives, which is why this month’s guest blog has been written by Kelvin Buchanan to highlight the incredible challenge he will be taking on to raise awareness for mental fitness. 

On June 13th, Myself and my good friend, Matt, will start running 7 marathons over 7 days, all to raise awareness about the importance of keeping on top of your mental fitness, and TalkClub, the men’s mental health Charity.

Men, historically, have been pretty bad at expressing their feelings and talking about them, so we will be sharing our experiences as well as promoting the open and honest conversations that really help to break down barriers, stereotypes and stigmas. All this while running the 177 mile Offa’s Dyke trail that runs the length of Wales, following the Wales-England border.

About 10 years ago, I was struggling; I was even struggling to understand what I was struggling with. Anxiety wasn’t a word I knew or understood. What I did know is what I was feeling wasn’t right and that I didn’t want to carry on feeling that way. I also had an inherent feeling that I couldn’t be the only one person suffering like this.

Essentially, I had developed anxieties about particular situations, and these had started to lead to depression. Fortunately, what I was able to identify was that these feelings, or preconceived thoughts, were starting to stop me doing things I was able to do before. Basic things like going out to public spaces and talking to people. I remember thinking – not being able to motivate myself to go and do these things wasn’t normal and I wasn’t going to let it continue to control me.

Luckily for me, I had a good family and friend network around me and I was willing to talk. Accepting that I had an issue and being honest about it was the first step to improving my mental wellbeing.

Taking care of your mental fitness, should be as important as taking care of your physical fitness.

In training for my latest challenge…. How am I feeling out of 10?

Being suitably kitted out to perform on the track, trail or road for your physical endeavours is always a key part of a person’s preparation. It’s just as important that we have the tools to look after our mental fitness too.

What do I do to keep on top of my mental fitness?

Unfortunately, we spend a lot of time in our own head. Take the time to improve your mental health. Be honest, be vulnerable, and be kind (to yourself).

- Kelvin.

Kelvin and Matt, with the support of friends, will be running 7 marathons in 7 days to help raise awareness and money for Talk Club, the men’s mental health charity.

They start on 13th of June and will run all 177 miles of the Offa’s Dyke Trail. You can follow their journey on Instagram:


Any donations are gladly received and will go toward helping men really start to own and express their thoughts and feelings, you can donate here.

More about TalkClub 

Talk Club aims to get men talking more openly about their thoughts, feelings, worries and day-to-day gripes (as well as the positive stuff).

There are no therapists, no couches and no judgement - just regular men sitting in a private and safe space, listening and talking.

We start with how with each man feels out of 10 and sharing why. 

It’s a beautifully simple medicine that we rarely give ourselves; the ability to share how we really feel.

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