Win Our Top 5 Running "Must-Haves"

Win Our Top 5 Running "Must-Haves"

Running is considered a simple sport. But whilst the sentiment that 'you only need a pair of trainers and some motivation' is true, there's a reason why most runners have over-spilling drawers of the latest tech; It’s simple - there are huge performance and comfort benefits to buying the right kit.

So, the Runderwear team have compiled our ‘Top 5 Must Haves’ that will help you go the distance; and the best part is, every single one of these products is available to win as part of the Runderwear 20k in 2 Weeks Strava Challenge! All you need to do is join the challenge here, and after you have completed the distance you’ll be able to enter the exclusive competition for your chance to win!  

 1. Underwear


All too often runners overlook the importance of wearing the right underwear, failing to see the absurdity of spending hundreds on technical outerwear only to wear your every day cotton pants underneath! That’s why Runderwear is crucial for the first layer touching the skin, our seamless underwear is supremely comfortable, with no side seams or labels, preventing irritation and rubbing. Runderwear’s technical fabric is extremely soft, breathable and highly effective at wicking sweat away from the body, all of which ensure chafe-free comfort for fellow runners.


2. Trainers 

Hoka Clifton Edge

A good pair of running trainers are a vital addition to any runners’ wardrobe, not only will they ensure that you’re not distracted by discomfort on your run, but they’ll also prevent injury! It’s important to remember that everyone has a different running style, and will therefore suit different running trainers, but we wanted to highlight our personal favourites – the Hoka Clifton Edge. The Clifton Edge is designed to help you feel like you can run forever. With a combination of responsive cushion and Hoka’s softest, lightest foam yet, it features a snappy ride and unique heel geometry designed to provide a smooth impact and gliding sensation.


3. Headphones 

AfterShokz Aeropex sports headphones

More and more, runners are using headphones to drown out distractions, catch up on their favourite podcast, or to push them through a difficult run. But running with headphones isn’t always easy, if you’re not careful you can end up tangled in the wires or dangerously unaware of your surroundings – this is where AfterShokz Areopex bone conduction headphones come in. Built for long-distance running, road cycling and any other tough training, Aeropex headphones give you a buds-free listening experience and a comfortable secure fit. Packed with the latest 8th generation of AfterShokz bone conduction technology, Aeropex delivers powerful music through the cheekbones without blocking up your ears, which means you can still hear what is happening around you while enjoying a stable connection when running outdoors. Aeropex features a 26g ultra-lightweight design, IP67 waterproof, 8-hour battery life, and Titanium frame. Gear up for your next personal best with Aeropex. Subscribe to AfterShokz email here to receive your EXCLUSIVE discount code, valid until 30th June 2021.


4. Nutrition 


When thinking about our ‘Top 5 Running Must Haves’ it’s easy to forget about nutrition, but what we fuel our body with can make all the difference to the enjoyment of a run – especially those longer distances! Our personal favourite for on-the-go everyday performance, and the perfect pre-workout energy boost, is TRIBE. Their Plant Protein Nutritional Bundle contains a mix of TRIBE natural vegan energy and protein snacks, from delicious oat-based energy bars to protein shakes and nut-filled energy balls. All Vegan, Gluten Free and contain natural ingredients for everyday performance. We've teamed up with TRIBE to offer all participants of the Runderwear 20k in 2 Weeks Strava Challenge an exclusive discount on their nutrition. You can get 35% off ANY pack from the online shop. Just use code TRIBERUNDERWEAR at checkout here


5. Sunglasses


If there’s one piece of running kit that’s often undervalued, it’s a pair of sunglasses. We know that here in the UK the sun doesn’t make an appearance all too often, but ultraviolet light can take its toll on gloomy days too! When looking for sunglasses that are suitable to run in, it’s important to choose something that’s lightweight and comfortable as well as offering maximum protection. We recommend SunGod, who truly tore-up the rule book when it comes to eyewear. All SunGod products offer market leading 8KO® lens technology, plus an online custom colour-way design process to allow you to create something unique. Sustainability is also key. Everything is built to last, and backed up with their lifetime guarantee against breakage.

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