Autumn Marathon Season - Who's In?

Autumn Marathon Season - Who's In?

It’s an exciting time with the gradual return of events in the UK! This autumn’s marathon season is set to be the most anticipated one yet, with many runners toeing the line for the first time in over a year.

If you have a marathon in your sights this autumn, now is the time to plan your training. Tom Craggs, Road Running Manager at England Athletics has created some amazing 16 week marathon plans to help us achieve our marathon goals.

Download Free Marathon Training Plans

At Runderwear, three people in our small team are doing marathons this autumn and will be following the training plans.

Kev is running the London Marathon on 3rd October and will be following the Tom Craggs Experienced Training Plan

Having run London marathon in 2019 and with the marathon being cancelled in 2020, I can't wait to get back there and toe the start line this year and experience the atmosphere again. It really is a special marathon!

—Kev, Graphic Designer


Simon is running the London Marathon on 3rd October and will be following Tom Craggs Beginner Marathon Plan.

Back in 2019 I ran my first marathon in the New Forest - a beautiful location. The first 24 miles were hard, but my training paid off. The last two miles were very, very challenging and I'm going back to basics for my next marathon and following the Beginner Plan to make sure I don't repeat that experience.

—Simon, Head of Digital


Jamie is running the Berlin Marathon in September and the Manchester Marathon in October and will be following the Tom Craggs Improver Training Plan.

Having successfully used Tom Cragg's Runderwear half marathon training plan for my last half marathon I am looking forward to starting the marathon plan. Having waited what will be nearly 2 years to run Berlin marathon I think it will be a special event. I am really looking forward to a full summer of running in the sun

—Jamie, Co-Founder & Head of Product


As well as marathon training plans, we also have plans available for the 5k, 10k and Half Marathon distance. So, whether you’re preparing for a marathon or otherwise, we have a range of plans available to suit different needs and make sure you’re race ready!

Download Free Marathon Training Plans

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