Men's Running Boxer Shorts - Teal

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Simply the best. Discover our lightweight, breathable, Running Boxers that are engineered for you to always run free and comfortable. They remove sweat from your skin quickly, so you can focus on your run and stay 100% chafe-free, guaranteed. 

♻️ Now made with 92% recycled fabric (GRS certified)

Size: S

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Customer Reviews

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Bottecchia59 (England, United Kingdom)
So comfy

I really love these Boxers.
They are so comfy, you almost forget you got them on.
While they are a bit pricey they really are a good quality item of clothing.
Walking/working/cycling/running around Mountains, they really are a must have item.

Thank you for your review, Great to hear that you are loving your Runderwear Boxers and love how comfortable they feel on.

Josh woolhouse (England, United Kingdom)
They work! 😃

They work!

Hey Josh,

Thank you for your feedback, We are pleased to hear that you are loving your Runderwear purchases.

Happy Running.


Boss purchase. Extremely comfortable and supportive. No chafing whatsoever

Hey Emini,

Thank you for your feedback, We are pleased to hear that you are loving your Runderwear purchases and love how comfortable and supportive they feel on. Happy Running

Andy (England, United Kingdom)
Comfortable support

Really comfortable and supportive, and have stopped my shorts from rubbing on longer distances.

Hey Andy,

Thank you for your feedback, Great to hear that you are loving how comfortable and supportive your Runderwear shorts feel when on and you are chafe free! Happy Running.

Jon Bond (England, United Kingdom)
Magic Mens Running Boxer Short

Bought these a few weeks ago so hence the delay with this review as my event I used them for was yesterday, a 32mile ultra. Oh yeah, let's test em out then!
When I took them out of the package I genuinely thought I had ordered the kids size they looked that small and thin but no, they were my ordered size. They "grew" as I put them on and "adjusted" myself, (I must admit at this point I didn't feel confident and almost went back t my other shorts.) The ultra event went as well as expected and I kind of forgot I had these shorts on. Up until the last few miles I was waiting for the chaffing/rubbing rash t kick in and add t my day .... nope, nada, zilch! Now get ready, here is why these shorts are magic, well for me anyway. Err, parental guidance may be needed here ... Normally my post run shower consists of singing soprano or a whistling kettle with Tourette's as the water hits the rash around my inner thighs area, coupled with the mint n tea tree oil shower gel its does tend t smart a lot! So much so that the high pitched sound makes dogs look around going "WTF?" (Other shower gels are available.) But no, not with this little beauty and small bundle of magic shorts, no singing or dancing around like my "junk" is on fire today, just a normal shower in progress which in itself felt weird that I had t check t make sure. No rubbing, no rash, just well ... nothing! How and why are technical questions I'm not going t ask (as I'm afraid to,) but bloody hell they work, 32mile event no pain from the chaffing ... wow. Yes, I was very dubious at start but by end o day very happy with my purchase. Confident enough to say that these will be my go to shorts on my jaunts from now on.
Thanks very much from a chafe free happy customer.

Hey Jon!

Thank you for your great feedback, We are so pleased to hear that you are chafe free in your Runderwear Boxers and you forgot you were even wearing them when running. Happy Chafe Free Running! I will be sure to share your feedback with the Runderwear team!