The gift of running

The gift of running
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To us, as a small team, the biggest gift of all this festive season is running. From the moments of clarity, where it’s just us and the trails, to the community we get to be a part of – running really is the gift that keeps on giving! We wanted to take this moment to highlight what it means to us to do what we love, by acknowledging the three main pillars of why we run: for community, for headspace and for confidence.


Running is in Runderwear’s DNA. It’s the blueprint for everything we do. When you’re led by two passionate and inspiring runners, it’s near enough impossible not to catch the running bug! So, despite being a small team of 15 unique people, one thing unites us more than any other: our love of running. We know we’re not the only ones who feel this way, running has the ability to bring people from all walks of life together. We recently experienced this sense of community in the Runderwear office down here in Dorset when our CEO, Rich, said his only birthday wish was for everyone to run together at lunch. Often, it’s these exact moments that happen along a running route that really brings us together as a team!

Over the last 18 months of uncertainty, the community spirit of running has been more important than ever. During the first lockdown in March 2020, Runderwear hosted the 60 Day Challenge which saw runners across the country (and world!) come together to take part. Again, we saw this same community spirit during the November 2020 lockdown, where we took on the 28 Day Challenge to stay focused and support each other in reaching our goals. Runderwear’s Simon, Skye and Dave then took on the phenomenal challenge of running 50km across Dorset in an incredible effort to raise money for a charity close to our hearts, Cheers for Chester. In times of complete disconnect across the country, running brought us all back together.

Runderwear: The Gift of Running | Community


The connection between running and a positive headspace is astounding. For many, running provides a moments peace in the challenges of daily life. It’s the clarity and focus that we often crave in todays fast-paced society. Runderwear’s Designer, Kev, starts most days with a run, often pulling over on the way to work to explore scenic routes that can be found along the New Forest. Kev’s learnt that for him, starting the day with a run is the base for a productive and positive day, and there’s many people who can relate to this!

Runderwear: The Gift of Running | Headspace


There’s something incredibly empowering about running. It builds a confidence that many of us never knew we had and shows us that we’re capable of so much more than we first thought. Pushing your body to the limits, both physically and mentally, is something we can all be really proud of! A recent Runderwear photoshoot, where we invited two female running groups; Black Girls Do Run and Sam’s Lace Up Runners to take part, really embodied this sense of empowerment for us. 14 women who had never modelled before, not only stepped out of their comfort zone and in front of the camera lens – but they did it in their underwear! This day was an emotional one for all involved, to see the confidence these women gained through supporting each other in unknown territory was nothing short of remarkable.

Runderwear: The Gift of Running | Confidence

This is what running means to us and this week we’re spending some time as a team to reflect on why we run and what we run for.

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