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The 5 Best Running Books

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Inspiration for running can be found in many places.  We can watch the great athletes at the Olympics, past races on YouTube or even better live in a stadium around the world.  We can also be inspired by the incredible stories we read on social media, blogs and news channels.  One of our favourite ways to find inspiration though is through some of the amazing Running books that we have read.  Here are our top 5!

1.  Running with the Kenyans by Adharanand Finn

This is a fascinating insight into the world of Kenyan running. Instead of focussing on the success stories we are told about how the culture of Kenya as a nation is so important when it comes to the history and success of their runners.  Finn was absorbed into this culture, eating their food, interviewing Coaches and running with their athletes - which gives us a overview of how the culture creates champions.

2.  PRE by Tom Jordan

There have been numerous films and books based on the almost mythical story of Steve Prefontaine - the man who changed American distance running forever. Tom Jordan's book is our favourite. This biography takes you through the mesmerising childhood and career of the man known as PRE and is one of the fastest page turners you will ever read. 

3.  The Perfect Mile by Neal Bascomb

The story of the race for the 4 minute mile has never been told better than by Neal Bascomb.  Scientists thought it was humanly impossible to run a sub 4 minute mile but Roger Bannister, a Cambridge University student felt very differently.  This book takes you through the rivals for the challenge and how 3 incredible men got together and plotted then created history.

4.  Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes

If going long is your thing then this is a must read.  Karnazes has been at the forefront of ultra distance running for many years and this insight in 2006 to his fascinating approach to going long is incredible.  Inspiring and breathtaking, Karnazes shows you that limits are really only in your mind.

5.  The Perfect Distance by Pat Butcher

See Coe and Steve Ovett.  Two names that are synonymous with one another and always will be.  In the 1980's these two British Athletes pushed each other to heights we never thought could be reached in Middle Distance Running.  They rarely raced each other - mostly the clock as they chipped away at each others world records.  It was mostly when they met at the Olympics when the sparks really did fly..


We hope you enjoy reading these books as much as we did!

Have a great week, run well.

Richard, Jamie and the Runderwear Team.


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