Seam(less is more)

Seam(less is more)

Runderwear Seamless Is More

What is seamless and why choose seamless?

Seamless is the foundation of Runderwear. No nonsense, no distractions and most importantly, no chafing. It’s what we’ve always done and it’s what we’ll always will do. Seamless is superior for many reasons, but what exactly is seamless? And why does it benefit runners?

Runderwear Seamless - the Runderwear story

The Runderwear story

Let’s go back to the start of the Runderwear journey. As you’ll know by now, Runderwear was created as a solution to prevent chafing. Runderwear Co-Founder and Head of Product, Jamie, suffered from extreme chafing at the New York Marathon and saw a need to help other runners avoid the same fate.

Jamie began by searching for the perfect blend of breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics to remove sweat from the skin and reduce irritation. Quickly, Jamie realised that even the most premium blends of materials could cause chafing if there were irritating side seams and labels rubbing against the skin, so we needed to find a way to “cut out” this problem at the source.

Traditionally, underwear products are made using the cut and sew method. This is where the different parts are cut out – the front, back and side panels – and then sewn together to assemble the final piece. Jamie visited a number of different factories to find the solution, but he knew as soon as he encountered the seamless production process that this was the going to be the foundation of Runderwear.

Runderwear Seamless - why choose seamless over cut and sew?

Why seamless?

Seamless production totally eliminates the need for cutting and sewing. Instead, products are constructed using one piece of fabric that’s woven in a singular, circular motion. No side seams, no labels and considerably less wastage than cut and sew.

So, why does this benefit us all as runners?

More sustainable

Each item is made to exact specifications, so there are no wasted offcuts being thrown away. This means seamless products are far more sustainable and environmentally friendly compared to their cut and sew counterparts.

Whether we’re running on the trails, on the beach or through rolling hills, we all know how important it is that we preserve the environment we love so much. That’s why the sustainability of seamless is a significant part of Runderwear.

More comfortable

Seamless running underwear is a distraction-free layer of protection that offers significantly improved levels of comfort due to no bulky, irritating seams rubbing against the skin. The smooth, sleek fit of our seamless products, coupled with the lightweight breathable fabric, means they provide an unrivalled level of comfort, so you can focus on the run at hand.

More movement

Generally, the seam of a cut and sew product is not as elastic as the body of the fabric, therefore restricting body movement in those areas. As seamless products do not have any seams, this issue is eliminated entirely, allowing the freedom of complete body movement when running.

More durable

The most common type of breakage when it comes to running kit is seams separating and coming apart. However, because seamless products are not sewn together by seams in key areas, there is significantly less chance of the product wearing over time. So you can rely on our seamless underwear range to see you through all your running adventures!

The seamless blend of polyamide and elastane also retains it shape after countless washes and miles, making it the most reliable item in your wardrobe.

Runderwear Seamless - summarising seamless

Summarising seamless

Seamless is synonymous with quality and comfort, giving a second-skin feel that minimises irritation. Pair this with moisture-wicking technology and breathable fabrics and you can focus on what truly matters: your run.

Seamless is the foundation that Runderwear was built on, and we’ll continue to improve and grow, never losing sight of the importance of seamless when it comes to performance.

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