Maverick race report: New Forest

Maverick race report: New Forest

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Maverick Race –– the event we look forward to the most as a team! There’s something addictive about the sense of community you find at a Maverick Race, building relationships with runners who share your passion. This weekend was a special one for us as the event was in the New Forest – right on our doorstep!

Starting in Brockenhurst,  the New Forest Maverick Race is unrivalled in terms of views and terrain and ventures through ancient woodland right in the centre of the forest. The views on offer are nothing short of incredible.  Kev, Simon, Dave and Skye have given us the rundown of how they got on in this race report…

Kev's Race Report

"As an overall experience – I loved it! Nice friendly vibe pre-race around the village, runners from all different backgrounds ready to embrace the trails! Really enjoyed the route, very runnable terrain with a nice mixture of gravel tracks and off-road sections! Perfect for all types of runner!"

Distance: Long Route
Finishing place: 6th Overall, 3rd Veteran 40+
Finishing time: 1:23:25
Effort Levels: Race Pace

Maverick Race Report: Runderwear Kev 

Simon's Race Report

"From the second that the sun broke through the clouds as we listened to the pre-race briefing, I knew this was going to be an enjoyable run. Weaving through the trails of the New Forest with a group of off-road enthusiasts was the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning. Great location + great course + great medal = a great run."

Distance: Middle Route
Finishing place: 31st Overall, 7th Veteran 40+
Finishing time: 55:41
Effort Levels: High Effort (Day 29 of #RED January)

Maverick Race Report: Runderwear Simon

Dave's Race Report

"Absolutely loved the Maverick Race New Forest route! I was probably a little naive thinking that I could comfortably run a 20km with little to no training and a questionable day of nutrition (Dragon's Breath Chicken Burger) the day before - but the community feel and great company dragged me to the finish line. Loved the vibe from start to finish, really enjoyed mingling with other runners and always look forward to soaking up the atmosphere after the race with some hard-earned coffee and calories."

Distance: Long Route
Finishing place: 99th Overall
Finishing time: 1:49:19
Effort Levels: High/Max Effort (no training and self-diagnosed Dragon's Breath Burger Belly)
 Maverick Race Report: Runderwear Dave

Skye's Race Report

"Maverick Race, man. They're my favourite running events around and I can't get enough! The route was beautiful and I found myself smiling for the whole race in sheer joy of the scenery. There is nothing better than socialising post-run and reflecting on the race with some homemade pizza and a  rocky road all while enjoying the atmosphere."

Distance: Long Route
Finishing place: 100th Overall
Finishing time: 1:49:26
Effort Levels: High/Max Effort (no training, putting up with Dave's Dragon's Breath Burger Belly)

Maverick Race Report: Runderwear Skye

Maverick Race’s take place all around the UK, so you can checkout their race calendar to find one close to you or venture out of town for a real adventure. As a team, we’ve already got our sights set on the Hampshire race in March, it would be great to see some of you there!

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