Marathon kit checklist

Marathon kit checklist

A marathon kit list to tick off is essential with so much going through your mind.

You've completed your marathon training plan and the big day is fast approaching. Time to taper, get a positive mindset and visualise crossing that finish line. What you don't want to be doing is worrying about what kit to pack and whether you've forgotten anything.


Here's our marathon kit checklist to help:

Number Collection / Expo

  • Driving licence/photo id for race number collection
  • Confirmation email
  • Race day timings. Google where the start is, what tube stop, coach stop, how far a walk etc.


Race Kit

  • Running socks
  • Trainers
  • Plastic bags to put over trainers at start
  • Shorts
  • Gel belt (if used. E.g. Flipbelt)
  • Running vest/t-shirt
  • Running underwear
  • Watch if you use one AND CHARGER!
  • Sunglasses and cap or visor if you wear these
  • Vaseline or Body Glide cream
  • Suncream - if the sun comes out at mile 2, you've got a good few hours in the sun to look forward to!


Race Nutrition

  • Gels
  • Food bars, e.g. Tribe
  • Water bottle and preferred drink to go in it (if you don't plan on using the race provided drinks)


Post Race

  • Arrange where you're going to meet friends and family at the end. Mobile signal can be ropey with so many people in one place. London has different lettered meeting points so pick a letter and arrange beforehand.
  • Clothing to get changed into afterwards, including tracksuit bottoms and hoodie/jumper.
  • Food and energy drink for straight after – banana etc. Best to eat carbs within 30mins – to 2 hours after, as that’s when body best at absorbing.

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