How to keep your sports bra 'in shape'

How to keep your sports bra 'in shape'

You’ve finally found your perfect sports bra, and now you’ve just finished your first super supported run, so what do you do now? Chuck your sports bra together with all your other clothes, followed by a quick spin in the tumble dryer?  NO - this is the quickest way to lose the benefits of your shiny new supportive kit in no time!

You regularly replace your trainers but ever thought about your sports bra? Well, these two bits of kit are actually very similar in terms of aftercare; both will need to be replaced as they will wear out over time, and that could be quicker if they aren’t looked after properly.  

Multiple cycles of wearing and washing will deteriorate your sports bra. This may be in terms of the sports bra providing less breast support or a loss in shape. This means caring for your sports bra is important as there are many steps you could take to keep your sports bra ‘in shape’ but equally, some actions that will deplete the life of your sports bra.  

The first thing you should do when you get a new sports bra is to read the specific care advice of your sports bra. This will often be printed on the inside of the sports bra or on a label attached to the sports bra. Most brands will have similar recommendations, but here at Runderwear we recommend the following to keep your sports bra ‘in shape’: 

    • Warm machine wash up to 40°C.

    • Wash with similar colours.

    • Do not tumble dry.

    • Do not soak, bleach or dry clean.
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Other tips to help keep your sports bra ‘in shape’: 

      • Always do the clasps of your bra up when you wash it - this will help stop them catching in the washing machine which can not only damage the bra but also your washing machine.

      • If your bra has removable pads, then it is best to remove them, and hand wash them to prevent them from getting misshaped or damaged in the washing machine.

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    • You can also put your sports bra in a laundry bag when washing it in the machine, this will provide extra protection for your sports bra.

    • Use a sports detergent but avoid using fabric softeners as they can break down the elastic materials.

    • It’s best to wash your sports bra after every use to prevent odours and bacteria building up which can cause skin irritation.

    • Avoid hanging your sports bra using its straps as this may cause them to stretch, instead lay it flat when drying

    • Do not use dryer sheets for your sports bra.

    • Never iron your sports bra.

    • Have a few sports bras to wear on rotation so that your bras can have a ‘break’ between wears.

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      So that’s our round up of tips on how to keep your sports bra ‘in shape’ but don’t forget, a sports bra won’t last forever! As your body changes the demands of your sports bra will also change, plus your sports bra will eventually start to feel less supportive over time. Think it's time for a new sports bra? Head to Runderwear’s Bra Size Finder now to find your perfect fit.  

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