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Simply Runderful and Runderwear™

Simply Runderful and Runderwear™

We are really excited to announce our support of Marina Ranger and Lucja Leonard who will be running across the Netherlands wearing only Runderwear! To support the girls we have launched our Runderwear Low Rise Hipster and Running Crop Top in Pink and we will donate 10% of all sales from this range to their chosen charity; The Pink Ribbon Foundation. The girls told us all about the challenge:


Running the entire length of The Netherlands, 500km, wearing only our (R)underwear over a period of only 5 days.


We are two fun loving blondes seeking adventure through challenging our minds & bodies by running the length of The Netherlands in our pink Runderwear. With this we will be raising much needed funds for Pink Ribbon Foundation, a UK breast cancer charity funding projects and providing financial support to a range of breast cancer charities. Being great friends ever since we met in the Kalahari desert 3 years ago for our first multi stage race, we wanted to share this epic adventure with each other.

The Challenge:

The challenge is to run the length of The Netherlands following the Pieterpad, 500km from Pieterburren in the North of Holland to the 3 land point near Maastricht (Holland, Belgium, Germany) over 5 days.

An important part of this adventure is to raise much needed funds for our chosen charity, Pink Ribbon Foundation ( Reg. Charity No. 1080839), a UK based charity that is a grant making trust with a mission to fund projects and provide financial support to UK charities which relieve the needs of people who are suffering from, or who have been affected by breast cancer or who work to advance the understanding of breast cancer, its early detection and treatment.

This cancer has touched Lucja personally with 3 Aunties and her Mother in Law having been treated successfully with the removal of breasts and ongoing treatment. As two young ladies this is very real threat that we all need to be very aware of which is why we are supporting them.

Runderwear are also donating 10% of the sales of any of the pink hipster brief and crop top to The Pink Ribbon Foundation as well to really get behind such a great cause.

Our fundraising link can be accessed here.

About Us

Lucja Leonard, 37, Dutch­born, Australian­raised ultra runner living in Edinburgh:

Since venturing into the world of ultrarunning 3 years ago, where I first met Marina in the Kalahari desert in South Africa also attempting her first ever multi stage ultra, I have felt compelled to continue to push my limits and experience new and exciting challenges whilst exploring stunning landscapes and vistas around the world.

Marina and I have continued to experience many adventures together and have been hatching a plan to do something epic, fun and worthwhile for sometime now. A bit of creativity and imagination came into play to come up with our fun idea and I am really looking forward to sharing this adventure with her and meeting many other fantastic people along the way as we will be aiming to get a lot of community involvement both nationally and internationally along the way to support us and our cause.

Marina Ranger, 25, ultra runner born and bred in London:

It’s the experiences and the places you see that I love so much about ultra running. My first realisation of this was when I crossed the line at both mine and Lucja’s first multi­stage desert ultra in the Kalahari desert. Since then, both of us have experienced many different challenges and adventures around the world but have always been keen to create our own idea to bring to life.

I was instantly up for the challenge when Lucja hatched the idea and am so excited to share this journey with her for such a great cause. This will be my biggest challenge yet where I will once again be pushing my body to its limits to see what it is truly capable of. While most people might call me mad, I feel privileged to be able to do something amazing with such a great friend.

The response from the public, money raised and support along the way will no doubt be extremely rewarding. I can’t wait!


Our challenge will be supported by the wonderful team at Runderwear, Richard Edmonds and Jamie Smalley, who will be providing our beautiful, seamless and chafe free pink Runderwear. For every pink hipster brief or crop top that you buy, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to Pink Ribbon Foundation by Runderwear.

Contact details

For further information please see our JustGiving page­Runderful
Visit our Facebook page for more details
Connect with us on Twitter & Instagram @runningdutchie and @mranger90 

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