runderwear turns 10 - The runners first aid kit.

runderwear turns 10 - The runners first aid kit.

In 2013 runderwear Co-founders Rich and Jamie headed to the London Marathon Expo in their Vauxhall Corsa with a boot full of runderwear products and a mission to keep runners chafe-free. 3 days into the expo they had sold out of all stock, clearly other runners were experiencing the same chafing and discomfort Rich and Jamie had suffered themselves - and so the love of runderwear quickly spread. Armed with a fire in their belly, they went about spreading the word of runderwear to runners everywhere!

10 years later, we're now the first aid kit that should be in every runner's underwear drawer! Forget the messy barrier creams, jelly-based products, and uncomfortable plaster, runderwear's award-winning performance running underwear is the answer you've been looking for. 


What makes us the runners first aid kit?

It's simple really, our performance underwear. Our products are a carefully considered blend of technical fabric, runners' expertise, and years of vigorous testing, which combine to create the best performance underwear to enable you to run in comfort.


Seamless design

runderwear men's and women's performance running underwear is designed on a 360 seamless machine, meaning products are constructed using one piece of fabric that's woven in a singular, circular motion. This eliminates all bulky seams and irritating labels rubbing against the skin. The smooth, sleek fit of our seamless products allow complete freedom of body movement during your run, so nothing is holding you back. 



The little things often make the biggest difference, so we never skip the details. Micro-perforations allow our underwear to breathe all year-round and improve airflow, which means you won't overheat. Keeping you cool and comfortable, whatever the weather. 

Check out our running socks to improve your next workout.


runderwear's super-soft, lightweight blend of materials remove moisture from your skin quickly. Tried and tested in the most extreme of climates, sweat is wicked away from the surface to keep you dry during even the most intense workouts. 


Chafe-free guarantee

The seamless design, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric combine to create 100% chafe-free performance underwear. We're so confident in our chafe-free design, that we offer a guarantee. So, if you experience any chafing in runderwear (you won't!) we'll offer a full refund, it's that simple. But our guess is you'll be coming back to order more - once you've ran in runderwear, you won't settle for less again. 




Bounce-free bras

Our award-winning underwear has evolved to include three different styles of sports bras; the Power, Energize and running crop tops. Offering excellent support, our bras are proven to significantly reduce breast movement by 72% during exercise! Super-soft and lightweight, there’s a reason we were voted ‘Best In Category – Sports Bra’ at the 2021 Women’s Running Awards. No more red marks, discomfort or over bouncing.


Blister-free socks

Created with comfort in mind, runderwear socks are designed to eliminate distractions and keep you 100% blister-free, guaranteed. The double-layered design offers protection perfection for you and your feet, with carefully positioned micro-perforations to increase airflow and keep you cool.

We've come a long way since the 2013 London Marathon Expo, but one thing remains - our passion to protect runners and keep you chafe-free, bounce-free and blister-free. So you can ditch the first aid kit and full up your underwear drawer with the best running underwear you can get. Bring on the next 10 years of ultimate distraction-free running! 

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