Runderwear Founders: 2020 Goals

Runderwear Founders: 2020 Goals

As we reach another year, we get the opportunity to reflect on an awesome 2019 and look ahead to the next 12 months and beyond! Runderwear has continued to grow at an exciting rate, allowing us to be more involved and active within the running community.

Among much else, we were honoured to be involved with the body positivity movement, providing personalised #CelebrateYou pants for women running the Vitality 10k in just their underwear. Winning our second consecutive 'Gold' award at the UK Running Awards was incredible as was beginning our partnership with England Athletics, as their Official Underwear & Bra Partner'.

Our range of chafe-free running clothing continues to increase, with even more new colours and styles planning for 2020!

Personally, I was really happy to complete my first 70.3 Ironman, and actually enjoyed the months of training that came with that. Jamie took on the infamous Comrades Marathon (87km), achieving an awesome time, as well as running London, Boston and New York marathons!

On to 2020 and our goals for this year...


Last year was a great year for growth as I balanced family life, running consistently & managing Runderwear. At the beginning of the year, I set myself some challenging and lofty goals. Here's how I got on:

  1. Run a sub 1hr 15m Sprint Triathlon: DONE! Considering my level of swimming a couple of years ago, my confidence and ability has increased tenfold after training a couple of times a week.
  2. Sub 17m Parkrun: now this was ambitious. I was able to run sub 18m but wasn't able to push through the 17m barrier - maybe next year!?
  3. Sub 1hr25m Half Marathon: nearly, nearly, nearly. I was nursing an injury that I later found out requires surgery. However, despite my knee's condition, I was able to run a 1hr 26m Half Marathon!

So I achieved one, nearly achieved another (whilst injured!) and got nowhere near another one. I will continue to set challenging goals for the New Year and have adjusted myself to be competitive with myself once again.

My 2020 goals are:

  1. Sub 17.30 5k.
  2. Sub 38m 10k.
  3. Run my first marathon in 10 years.
  4. Sub 5hr 70.3 Half Ironman.


Last year was an incredible year for me which saw me run the London Marathon, New York Marathon, Boston Marathon & the Comrades Marathon in South Africa. I also spent the year juggling my young family, running (...a lot!) and managing Runderwear™. Here are the goals I set myself last year:

  1. Sub 8hr Comrades Marathon South Africa: perhaps the most challenging race I've ever done, I ran Comrades in 8hrs 24m. I managed myself well here and endured one of the toughest races on the planet but missed out on my target by 24 minutes.
  2. Sub 3hr Boston Marathon: 3hrs 1m. So close! This was a challenging race but I held on for a respectable time, one minute off my goal.
  3. Sub 3hr New York City Marathon: 3hrs 1m. So close... again!


I'm happy with the progress I've made this year and am looking forward to preparing myself for another high energy, highly rewarding year.

My 2020 goals are:

  1. Sub 1hr 20m Half Marathon.
  2. Sub 2hrs 55m at the Berlin Marathon.


We truly believe in the power of running to help people's mental and physical health. So we're developing an initiative to actively encourage 5,000 people to run 5k for the first time. We want to use our position in the running community for good and to inspire people to join us on our journey. More on this soon...

Following the success of our Easy-On Support Bra launch in November, with over 60+ sizes, we are developing an ever larger size range. Upon research, over 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size and we want to help increase accessibility of both running and bras for women of all sizes...

We are continuing our goal and brand ethos to help thousands of runners stay chafe-free and to achieve their own goals.

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