New year, new challenges

New year, new challenges

2021 couldn’t have come sooner, it’s the fresh start we all need. With a New Year comes the perfect opportunity to set new goals and challenges, so that’s what we’ve been doing here at Runderwear HQ! We’ve asked some of the team to share their goals for 2021 in the hope of inspiring yours, and we’ll also be including some top tips on how to maintain momentum to carry your goals throughout the entire year.


Rich – Co-Founder and CEO

Runderwear Rich

"I will be (Covid-19 pending) focussing on Triathlons this year with the Eton Dorney Sprint Tri in May my first big target. I am also entered for the Manchester Marathon in October so need to keep those long runs going! To help I have set a target of covering 5000 miles this year. My aim is at least 150 miles of swimming in 2021 (my weakness) with the rest of the miles covered by cycling and running. I have entered a few of the Maverick races too (a partner of Runderwear) as I love exploring new trails and places to run. If events are able to go ahead I plan on supporting as many as possible as it will be much needed after a tough 2020 for that part of our community. Good luck to everyone with your own personal goals whatever they are."


Jamie - Co-Founder and Head of Product Development 

"In the middle of 2021 I will turn 40. When I turned 30 my long-term target was to still be in the ball park to run a sub 3-hour marathon when I turned 40. So events pending I will be targeting a sub-3hour in the back half of 2021 at hopefully a big city marathon alongside thousands of runners somewhere! I will now be trying to target 1,000 miles in the year which is not something I have done before and should go hand in hand with the above."

Simon – Head of Digital

“I've signed up for my first ever ultra-marathon in March 2021 with the Run to The Sea Bournemouth event, which should put me in the perfect position to run 1,000 miles over the whole year. Trail and off road running is going to be a big focus for me and I've already signed up for a few of the Maverick Races in 2021. I'm really hopeful and optimistic about events returning in 2021 and I'll be trying to do at least one per month to support this part of the running community.”


Emma – Head of Marketing

Runderwear Emma

“I’ve entered Weymouth Half Ironman and I would love to win my age-group in that race. I’ve not done a triathlon since 2010 so it will be tough, especially as a working mum. I’m a terrible swimmer, so will be looking to survive that in the hope of making up lost time on the bike and run. I will no doubt be doing some shorter duathlons and triathlons as well as running races in the build-up. Importantly, I will be trying to stay injury-free and strength work and knee exercises will sometimes have to take priority over all that cycling, running and swimming/drowning.”


Courteney – Marketing Intern

Runderwear Courteney

"As a relatively new runner I am still building my confidence in the sport, one way of doing this is by setting new challenges and achieving them one by one! In 2021 I will be running my first ever half marathon distance, which is significantly further than I have ran before. Not only this, but I’m aiming to run it in under 2 hours, which might be a bit optimistic as speed is not my strong point, but I’m determined to give it a go! Having this goal in sight will help me to remain consistent and focussed in my training, where I can often lack direction without an end accomplishment in sight."

Many of the Runderwear team are also pledging to run 1,000 miles over the course of 2021 as part of the Trail Running Magazine #Run1000Miles challenge (you can get involved here). This will be a difficult task that will require true consistency throughout the entire year. Often, it’s easy to feel motivated and inspired at the start of a new goal. New Years challenges are set with every intention of them being different this time, yet that initial enthusiasm often fades and we start to lose focus. If we want to achieve the task of running 1,000 miles in a year we know it will require unwavering dedication; but the most rewarding challenges always do!

Maintaining motivation to achieve the #Run1000Miles challenge, or whatever your personal challenge may be, will undoubtedly be difficult at times. Often, breaking your wider challenge down into more manageable sized goals will help you to stay on track. A great way of doing this is by taking part in regular Strava Challenges, in fact Runderwear are holding our very own Strava Challenge to kick-start the New Year! We’re asking you to run 10k over a 10 day period in order to get a chance of winning one of 100 prizes that are up for grabs. So, for those of you lacing up your trainers for the first time this might mean running 1km a day for 10 consecutive days, challenging yourself to be truly consistent. For the seasoned runners amongst you, why not leave it all on the tarmac and beat your 10k PB, a true burn out to start the year as you mean to go on!

As well as our Strava Challenge, Runderwear are also hosting a virtual 10k race on Sunday 17th January, which you can enter here. Virtual races are a great way of keeping your training on track and holding yourself accountable when working towards an end goal. They also help us all to feel part of the running community, during a time where so many races and events have been cancelled.

We’d love to hear what your 2021 running goals are, so head to our Instagram to let us know what you’ll be taking on in the New Year and whether you’ll be joining us for the Runderwear Strava Challenge & Virtual 10k Race. Good luck!

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