100% performance. 100% chafe-free. Now 92% recycled.

100% performance. 100% chafe-free. Now 92% recycled.


The best just got better, here at runderwear we are excited to be moving all our production to 92% recycled yarn, bringing you the same award-winning performance underwear, whilst being kinder to our environment, so it’s still there for the run!  

Respect the run, protect the planet. 


Introducing a new generation of runderwear, for a new generation of run. 


By its very nature of being spun in a seamless design, runderwear has always been a highly efficient product when it comes to keeping the waste to a minimum.  

No pattern cutting involved, plus no tricky labels, means we don’t have offcuts to dispose of and we only see absolute minimal product waste on our products. 

Our team however, are on a mission, and have been working behind the scenes to bring you an even more eco-friendly product, which not only continues to use this great eco-efficient seamless technology, but now uses recycled yarn.  

This is our sustainable running underwear made from 92% recycled polyamide, making this the most environmentally friendly performance underwear on the market.  

Here come the facts… 

We now are proud to use waste products discarded by other textile brands and consumers, diverting waste that would usually go to landfill to produce the yarn. This process means: 

✅ Less water used 

✅ Less energy used 

✅ Less fossil fuels used 

✅ Fewer carbon emissions  

✅ Less landfill used 

✅ Less waste created 

✅ GRS approved  


GRS Certified 

Our material features the Global Recycled Standard seal of approval (GRS). This ensures that at least 50% of the product content is made up of recycled yarn, and it is processed in a more climate-friendly, and socially and environmentally responsible way. The GRS also means that the recycled content of the material is fully traceable from origination to the final product – the textile equivalent of ‘farm to fork’, if you will. 

This means that you – our running community - can shop with confidence that you are buying an environmentally responsible garment. So now you can run chafe-free knowing that your sustainable runderwear is giving back to our planet – the ultimate home of the run.   



Not stopping here? 

We love a good course record, PB or a darn good medal, so it will come as no surprise that we are always looking at how we can improve our product for you, the runderwearer. We want to deliver you the very best runderwear possible, in the most sustainable way and we are excited to take our runderwear community on this journey with us.  

Small changes add up to a big difference and we will continue to build on this mission to reach 100% recycled products with minimum waste. Our goal is to cross the finish line on this one before 2023 is out!  

We strongly feel that if you respect the run, you must protect the planet. We can all do our bit, and we can’t wait to share our next steps with you, as we continue this journey and find more ways to help make a planet-positive impact.  


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