Introducing, your new favourite running bra...

Introducing, your new favourite running bra...

Dear Runderwearers,

When we turned up at the London Marathon show with my small car packed with the first-ever Runderwear™ we wanted to help runners like ourselves stay comfortable and chafe-free. Six and a half years later we have kept thousands of runners chafe-free and built a community of passionate runners along the way. 

As Co-Founders, Jamie and I have enjoyed hearing the amazing running stories you have shared and how much Runderwear™ has helped your comfort as you take on your own personal goals.

From the beginning, we have actively encouraged everyone to run regardless of shape, size or current fitness levels.  We know the joys of putting one foot in front of the other and the many benefits it can bring.  So when we decided we would design and develop our first full bra range it had to be in as many bra sizes as possible.

I am so pleased to say our bras are available in 63 sizes with our new Running Support Bra and Original Support Running Bra, with more planned in 2020. On top of this, we have increased our size range in Runderwear™.

Our Runderbra™ is available in sizes 28A to 40H, Runderwear™ Men's in S-XXL and Women's in UK size 8-22.

This is only the start-line for us.

The finish is a long way off and as always it is you, our customers, that will get us there.  We are a small business based in Dorset, UK but we have a big passion for running.


We will continue to strive every day to help you run in comfort mile after mile.

Runderwear Co-Founder Runderwear Running Bra

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