Festival of Running Athletes - Meet Theo!

Runderwear Festival of Running 2021

If you ask any runner what they love about the sport, most will mention the friendships they’ve formed and the support they receive from fellow runners. Thanks to social media and the likes of Strava, that camaraderie is stronger than ever and here at Runderwear we love to see our community getting to know one another. That’s why we asked you to share your stories with us as part of the lead up to the Runderwear Festival of Running.

Theo is 14 years old and loves running, he is also blind. Theo started running with his dad, George, a few years ago, when he was training for a sports day race at school. Since then, Theo has hit many milestones in his running, including running his first 5k last Spring and more recently his first 10k!

Theo loves collecting data and analysing the results of his runs, using Strava’s accessibility features. He said, “I enjoy viewing the data from a run as well as having all time stats added up automatically by Strava. I can also export this data in formats such as CSV to analyse it in programs such as Microsoft Excel”. Theo enjoys collecting Strava completion badges in his electronic collection, and was even featured on Strava’s own club recently; which you can see here.

Theo is currently training to run the 5k distance in the Runderwear Festival of Running, where he plans to go as fast as he can and run in under 5:00/km!

As well as running, Theo also spends his spare time working on a project he set up with two other blind children. Together, they have created a braille newspaper called The Tactile Times, which allows other young blind people to keep up to date with recent events. It is free to sign up to both the electronic and hard copy braille versions of The Tactile Times, you can subscribe here.

Good luck to Theo in the Festival of Running, we can’t wait to keep following your journey!

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