Celebration of Running!

Celebration of Running!

Parkrun is on the horizon, running events are back in full swing and summer has just begun – it's time to get running!

For many, parkrun is the first step to realising the joy of running. It represents a community, a spirit and everything that is good about running. It has been truly missed, and we want to take this as an opportunity to celebrate the much-anticipated return of events and our love of running!

Thanks to our fantastic partner Maverick Race, some of the Runderwear team were able to get back to doing what they love last weekend with a race over the undulating hills of Hampshire. It was muddy, technical and great fun all round; you really can’t beat the feeling of crossing the finish line and seeing so many familiar faces!

We’ve also caught up with some Runderwear ambassadors to find out what events mean to them, and if there are any particular events they can’t wait to get back to.

There really is nothing like taking part in events. It was taking part in my first race in 2017 - a 10K - that I really got hooked on running. The buzz and atmosphere is always electric, and the feeling of running together with others is something very special. I can’t wait to pin a running number on and get back out there!


The event I miss the most by far is parkrun! I like the concept, the friendliness about, and most important the post parkrun breakfasts!To me, it’s the best way to start the weekend!


The thing I miss the most is going to events with my family. I love seeing my children cheering me on and hopefully it makes them want to do it too one day!


Running events are a celebration of the hard work that everyone puts in, all the training has led up to that run and you can feel the excitement in the air - I have missed that feeling. My next event is one of my favourites, The Farnborough Half Marathon in July, last time I ran this I got my half marathon PB, so I can't wait to try and beat that time!


What I miss most from mass events and parkrun is seeing my friends as running (going training, racing and having meals after) is my social life! I miss doing parkrun tourism the most as we'd go run in our club tops then stay on for breakfast after - a great way to visit new areas and make new friends.

— Alison

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