An Invitation to the Runderwear Festival of Running!

Festival of Running

I'm Rich, CEO and Co-Founder of Runderwear and like you I have been running many miles during lockdowns to support both my physical and mental health. However not having races in the diary to challenge myself and meet with friends from the running community has been hard. I LOVED joining many of you for the recent Runderwear Virtual 10k and Strava challenge. Having that goal to work towards really helped keep me motivated.

So….what next?

With the amazing feedback from our recent challenges, we have decided to go one step further and host a virtual Festival of Running. On Easter weekend, 2nd-4th April, choose to run a 5k10k or Half Marathon with us wherever you are in the world.  Click here to enter and come join us! Put a goal in your diary!

I’m doing the 10k distance and it already feels better to have that goal in the diary!

I feel very lucky to be part of the running community. I joined an Athletics club (Charnwood AC) at 13 years old and have experienced the support of runners and joy of the sport for over 20 years. The great thing about running is although it is an individual sport, we support each and every one of our fellow runners with their own goals.

Let’s do this together. We have 8 weeks to train and support each other. Whether your aim is for a PB, or to run a distance you have never run before or to get your fitness back, it really doesn't matter. What matters is we put the date in the diary and focus on achieving whatever we want to achieve.

To support you our good friend at Runderwear and England Athletics Road Running Manager, Tom Craggs, has put together 8 week programmes for all distances and all levels. As soon as you enter you will have access to the training plans.

We will have weekly get-togethers and bring in experts for inspiration and advice and our small team down here in Dorset will be with you every step of the way.

It's in the toughest times that pulling together as a community means the most. Enter the Runderwear Festival of Running today and get that race locked in the diary. It will give us all some much-needed focus in the weeks ahead.

See you on the (virtual) start line!

Rich Edmonds

CEO and Co-Founder - Team Runderwear

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