Armed Forces underwear

Armed Forces underwear

In every exhibition or race we attend with our Runderwear team we meet members of the armed forces with problems.  Servicemen and women all over tell us about their issues with chaffing, and it isn't difficult to see why.

Firstly training in the armed forces is long and tough.  Generally they will be expected to wear full combat gear as well as carry a heavy rucksack and often a weapon too.  There are several problems with this when it comes to Chaffing.

1.  Rubbing where you don't want it to!  If you are carrying so much and wearing full gear you will probably not run the same as if you were wearing a vest and shorts! It will definitely change your biomechanics and running style.  Not to mention moving across rough terrain and up and down hills! This is when you need your underwear to be seamless.  The seams in normal underwear will dig in and rub causing abrasions against the skin.  Our Runderwear range is fully seamless - helping prevent chaffing.

2.  Keeping cool! In full gear you will get warm, very warm! This is when you don't need to be wearing classic cotton underwear as this will absorb and hold the sweat.  Our Runderwear uses technical fabric that helps wick away moisture and give ultimate comfort.

3.  Durability.  The underwear for a soldier needs to be built to last and work in the toughest environments. Runderwear has been tested in the harshest environment; the Sahara desert during the Marathon des Sabres.  We are pleased to say it passed with flying colours.

We are pleased to tell all of the fantastic servicemen and women that we meet that there is now a solution to their problem of finding the right underwear.

We will continue to work hard to make the best underwear in the world and help make members of the armed forces aware of the solution we have created.

Healthy regards,

Richard Edmonds || Co-Founder || Runderwear

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