Meet Molly

If you are thinking of purchasing a Runderwear bra or have already purchased one and need some advice, Molly, our Bra Specialist, is on hand to help you find the bra that's right for you. 

You can contact Molly by email at or by phone 0800 061 4021.

    Our Perfect Fit Promise

    Molly will be here to help you at every stage, plus we provide free exchanges until you find the perfect fit – that’s our Perfect Fit Promise.

    We recommend that you follow our bra fitting journey to get the perfect fitting running bra:

    1. Use the Bra Size Finder to find your Runderwear Bra Size
    2. Order your new Runderwear running bra online and try the bra when it arrives. Don't forget to use our Bra Fit Guide, to ensure you are fitting your new bra correctly.
    3. If the Bra does not fit comfortably or correctly, Molly will organise a free exchange until you find the perfect fit for your best run.

    We hope you love your new Runderwear running bra, and we can't wait to hear your feedback! 

    Runderwear Running Bra Help