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    Running across the Pyrenees

    Running across the Pyrenees
    Posted on
    In August 2015, Sophie, who many of you will have met as the smiling helpful wonderfully funny girl who works with us at all of our events, ran the GR11...

    Choosing your friends

    Choosing your friends
    Posted on
    It seems to have been the only reasonable explanation to my non-running friends as to why I wanted to run an ultra-marathon. “I’ve fallen into a bad crowd”, I explained...

    New Year New Goals.

    New Year New Goals.
    Posted on
    Ah the resolution. When the bells of Big Ben chime to indicate a new year is upon us we are more positive than we ever are. We are going to...

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Sharon Bannister said: Love them

I’ve looked in ever sports shop all over, looking for a running thong, to no joy. The one pair I owned were looking threadbare. A friend told me about Runderwear, to my joy they had thongs!

No more VPL, total comfort whilst training. Thank you

Sally Deall said: Brilliant

So comfy, bought my husband the male boxers he loves them too. Brilliant!!!

Becks said: Best running pants ever!

I have been hunting for decent running pants for a while and have tried several different ones and these are by far the best. I have several pairs and consider them an essential part of my running kit. Sexy they are not but they are comfortable, quick drying and so far completely chafe free even on a long run in the rain. Even the most casual runner will know how valuable this is! Wholeheartedly recommended. Oh and service and delivery was straightforward and swift too.

Holger Pastillé said: Ausgleichend

Der Vorteil von Merino besteht im Temperaturausgleich und der Tatsache, dass es keinen Geruch aufnimmt oder verbreitet. Wenn dann die nahtlose Technologie von Runderwear dazukommt, hat man die optimale Unterhose für jeden Tag. Tolles Tragegefühl!

Esté said: Super comfy

I'm a powerlifter and have been looking for underwear for training. These are incredibly comfy and withstood the squat and deadlift test! They did not move at all!!!
The only thing is I think they size quite big. Will definitely have to get a size smaller next time