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    Running across the Pyrenees

    Running across the Pyrenees
    Posted on
    In August 2015, Sophie, who many of you will have met as the smiling helpful wonderfully funny girl who works with us at all of our events, ran the GR11...

    Top 5 Gross Things Every Runner Should Learn

    Top 5 Gross Things Every Runner Should Learn
    Posted on
    Running isnt pretty. You huff and puff until youre beetroot red and soaked through with stinky sweat and the occasional tear. Unfortunately, it seems to get worse. The more Ive...

    Scared to Safety when Running at Night!

    Scared to Safety when Running at Night!
    Posted on
      It’s something, certainly as a female who runs on her own in the dark, I’ve acknowledged but always tried to not think about. You hear warnings and horror stories...

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1223 reviews
DEAN said: as advertised

have only worn the garment once ( on a 2 hour run ) but it was very comfortable.

FELICITA ADEBIYI said: Very comfortable

They certainly did the job kept the sweet away from the body and very comfortable as well. So yes good for sports and workouts especially when working really hard. Only just started using the underwear but I'm impressed so far.

Pete Waumsley said: Very comfortable

I brought 2 pairs with a 100 mile race next year in mind and had been recommended these. I have worn them twice on longer runs and found them extremely comfortable and no chafing. Very happy

Andrew Moir said: Mens running boxers - work well so far

I have only bought these 2 weeks ago and so far my longest run in them has been a half marathon. They were comfortable with no chafing. This weekend I am doing a 24 hour race, so that will be the real test. No chafing then I hope.

David Betts said: Good for sport

Boxer shirt is pretty close fitting but quite comfortable. Would not wear for general use. No chafing and good quality.