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Runderwear Co-Founder Takes On His First Ironman 70.3

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Runderwear is built upon the foundations of all things running and has built a community of like-minded enthusiasts. Co-Founder and CEO, Richard Edmonds, has been training for Weymouth's Half Ironman this Sunday and we took this opportunity to ask him some questions. See how he's progressing and maybe learn from some of his tips from his mammoth journey!

What exactly is the Half Ironman and how are you crazy enough to compete in it?

I entered the Weymouth 70.3 Half Ironman as a focus to learn to swim properly! The race is a 1.9km sea swim, 90km bike and 13.1km (half marathon) run. It's been a totally different challenge for me. Firstly, I needed to learn to swim. This time last year I could barely swim 50m without gasping for air so I really wanted to learn a new skill. Secondly, I needed a bike! I have really enjoyed cycling around Dorset, especially over in Purbeck. Finally, I need to try and put all three disciplines together on the day!

Is this your first Half Ironman?

Yes, this is my first! I have done a couple of sprint triathlons and an Olympic distance triathlon in training. I've also done some brick sessions where I have been out on the bike and transitioned straight into running to practise nutrition. 

Do you have to be wired differently to compete in the Half Ironman?

Maybe you do for a full Ironman! I am starting my journey into longer distance triathlon with the Half Ironman and will see how I feel from there.

What training have you been doing and how do you revolve it around your working life?

Training has been enjoyable, but as for most people, difficult to fit in. I have two young children so I made it my mission to not interfere too much with family life - this meant a lot of early mornings and late evenings! One thing that really helped with swimming was that I joined a local club, Tri Purbeck, for their Thursday evening swim sessions. It was great to train with other people and track my progress. It's a 9pm-10pm session so worked well! I have approached it by attacking my weaknesses. I come from more of a running background so that meant more time in the pool and more time on the bike. We have had a good summer down here on the south-coast so there's plenty of sea swimming. The consistent sessions have been early morning rides at the weekend and of course, we do a Friday Runderwear "Runch" at the office where we go out and run together which is always fun.

I am very lucky that my wife also shares my passion for Triathlon and has qualified for Team GB Age Group for the European Championships next year so we support each other with the training. Its never easy fitting it in but there is always a way if you want it enough!

Weymouth is renowned for its beautiful scenery and was the host for the 2012 Olympic & Paralympic sailing events, is it your favourite place to compete?

I've never actually been to Weymouth before but I have heard it is beautiful. The cycle route looks good and there will be plenty of opportunities for people to support on the run as it is along the promenade. I am excited to explore the area and enjoy some fish and chips afterwards!

What’s more difficult to manage whilst racing; mental strength or physical strength?

That's a difficult one to answer as I am going into the unknown with this race. My biggest fear is that I don't get enough fuel in to keep me going at the pace I'd like to go. I feel that I can be mentally strong in a race when the going gets tough but the physical side I will have to let you know afterwards - hopefully, I have got the training right!

A simple question; swimming, cycling or running?

Having come from a running background I would say it's my favourite but I have LOVED seeing the improvement to my swimming. I really didn't enjoy swimming before but have learned to really enjoy it. Honestly, I would now say all three disciplines equally. It's great to have that variation in training!

Do you have any tips for anyone competing in a triathlon?

1. Join a swim club, it makes a big difference. 

2. Focus on training your weaknesses to make them strengths.

3. If doing longer distances, make sure you practise what nutrition you will use in the race in your training days. You need to make sure it works for you.

Hear Richard talk about the Runderwear journey...


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