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Episode 2: Training Part 2 with Tom Craggs & Dr Rebecca Rendell

Our Marathon Ready series continues as we explore the basics of marathon training, with everything from managing lifestyle and routine changes, the importance of nutrition and how to balance the mind and body.

We are joined by England National Team Coach, Tom Craggs, who has over 10 years of experience coaching runners from novice to elite level and Dr Rebecca Rendell, Senior Lecturer of Exercise Physiology at Bournemouth University. This strong Marathon Ready lineup offers sound advice and inside knowledge on marathon training.

Watch Episode 2 here:

 Tom & Becky's Top 5 Training Tips:

  1. Enjoy the process of training and feel the intrinsic benefits of it. The training process should enrich your body.
  2. Allow time to figure out what works for your body and what harms your body. Have patience and trust your gut feeling.
  3. Training with people can make a huge difference. Running clubs don't cost much money and are easy to join. There should be frequent sessions at your local running club with runners of all abilities. Running with others may distract you on longer runs and make for easier long runs. If there are no running clubs nearby, run a Parkrun every Saturday! Changing your running environment adds variation and keeps training fresh.
  4. Nutrition is vitally important when putting the body through stress. A healthy, balanced diet allows to repair and heal your body for your recovery. Don't obsess about your diet and enjoy what you eat.
  5. Listen to your body and use common sense to allow recovery, avoid injury and stop fatigue.

Sometimes there are bigger things in life than running a marathon or achieving a personal goal. If you respect that and respect what you've done to your body with marathon training, there'll be things later down the line and more races. It's difficult to accept the fact that you may not run in a marathon you've been training for

Join us soon as GB Ultra Runner, Ant Clark comes in to discuss the importance of nutrition whilst training and what to do in the leadup to race day!

Runderwear Marathon Ready with Ant Clark

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