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Episode 1: Training Part 1 with Catherine Alsworth

It's marathon season once again and we're back with Marathon Ready - the place to get tips and advice from sporting professionals and certified coaches to help prepare you for your upcoming marathon! We're showcasing everything you need from marathon training, nutrition and what to do on race day.

Watch Episode 1 here:

Catherine's Top 5 Training Tips:

  1. Important to choose the right personalised marathon training plan.
  2. Stay disciplined to do fundamental core exercises.
  3. Prevention is much better than a cure! See a professional before you start marathon training to assess your health and fitness before committing to your marathon training plan.
  4. Master the Bird Dog, Side Plank & Dead Bug exercises! These are fundamental for runners to strengthen their core.
  5. A running buddy can help you stick to your plan, even when you don't want to!

Join us on Thursday (12th March) to catch England National Team Coach Tom Craggs and Exercise Physiology Lecturer Dr Rebecca Rendell further the discussion on marathon training.

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